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Humor is Hard

Firesign Theater, the Beatles of Comedy, is my all-time favorite comedy troupe. They were based in LA and grew out of radio--grew out of it rather quickly. The San Francisco-based echoes of that phenomenon, back in the 60s, when people still made comedy albums, were different, and never as popular (and even Firesign waned after the four seminal Columbia albums). Personally, I love Ducks' Breath Mystery Theater, so much so that I played their skits in the car for my daughters all the time they were growing up. (They were from the midwest, but they were in SF by the time they were recording). When the opportunity presented itself, I hired Duck member Ian Shoales/Merle Kessler to do audio commentary for a website I was editing. He did 40 of them. I still enjoy listening to them. And, last week, I was informed of a two-man duo called Congress of Wonders. The jury is still out on this group. They have a Firesign sensibility, but not Firesign production values (their albums sound like something assembled by two guys who worked in radio, which is what they were). Maybe they'll grow on me.