You Didn't Build It
End of Dec. 3 column

Do Animals have Souls?

I am put in mind of this question by the imminent death of my second cat, Jaegermeister. Like his brother, an orange tabby, he has been my daily companion since February of 1998. I have liked every cat I have ever shared my life with; I loved this one and his brother. Christian theologians are firm: animals do not have souls. The Hindu and Buddhist faiths both offer some hope in the form of reincarnation. I am no expert on karma (I don't think anyone who isn't enlightened is), but if loving and caring for other creatures moves you up the ladder, then Jaeger will come back as President of the United States (assuming you think that is a move up from orange tabby cat). Heck, I'm not even sure people have a soul or an afterlife, although I am convinced that all living beings are connected and that people are more than the sum of their chemicals and their electricity.

I can't answer the question, "Do Animals have souls." But I hope when Jaeger is gone (possibly as soon as Tuesday), he will reap some kind of reward for a life well lived.