9 July London Journal Postscript
Magic in the Moonlight

Summing Up London Journal: No Place Like Home

Two brief thoughts in summing up:
 * You can avoid most of the worst effects of jet lag if you avoid caffeine and alcohol and stay hydrated. Try to gradually adjust to your target time zone as  much as possible (I gradually went to bed earlier and ate meals earlier, since London is 8 hours later than San Francisco). Also, again, as much as practical, try to stay awake during daylight hours in your target and sleep in night time hours. Missing an airline meal is not the end of the world. I find a shower as soon as possible after landing makes me feel much better. Does it really hydrate you? I'd say so.

In both directions, I slept on the plane during nighttime hours in my destination city, and stayed awake during daylight hours.  I was fine when I landed in London. I landed at 7:15 pm on Wednesday, got a good night's sleep Wednesday night, awoke at my usual hour Thursday, and experienced a little jet lag disorientation during the day. Not so much that I couldn't get things done, but I wouldn't have wanted to be doing something important that day. Odd, that, since there isn't supposed to be as much jet lag from flying west. What can I say? Friday was fine. That's pretty good for trip to London, I'd say.

* My daughter R wanted to be sure I felt welcome when I got home. She succeeded.