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Ever wonder where Quentin Tarantino gets his ideas from? Take a look at Everything is a Remix--Kill Bill. It is an amazing piece of work, and while I respect the person who assembled it--wow, it must have taken a LOT of work...

I am well and truly back at HumorLabs (take out a paid subscription today); the topic is:

Worst Piece of Advice From a Doctor...
1> "Eat more and exercise less; I could use the business."

This is my 17th number one in 18 years of contributing to the list--which means, on average I hit the top once every year.  But of course, from 2003-2014 I didn't participate at all, so actually my average is more like two or three times a year. Maybe if I keep at it I can be inducted into the hall of fame sometime.

The Top 11 Reasons to Visit the Abercrombie & Fitch Emergency Room
6> No one over 30 allowed in, resulting in much shorter lines at the admissions desk.

And, if you've ever wondered about the Bay Bridge lights, check out this preview, then watch 
the story of the Bay Bridge lights coming to KQED 9 6pm Sunday in "Impossible Light"