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To Seattle by Train

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I was just last night talking about the post-war German Economic Miracle (Wirtschaftswunder), and today I run across this: “But is the “Texas Economic Miracle” just an artifact of high energy prices and improving …” here 

Yes, I am the Paul Schindler who predicted, in 1985, when the Macintosh was a year old, that it wouldn't be a success in business. I stand by that opinion. You can see the editorial  at 23:13 in this edition of The Computer Chronicles. If you haven't seen it before. Or even if you have. 

We had lunch in Seattle with a high school friend of V's and her husband. We ate in a place on Pioneer Square that the friend has frequented for decades, Il Terrazo Carmine. Fantastic decor, fantastic food, but as always, the company was more important than the food. Still, if you like Italian food, you should try this restaurant. We had dinner in Seattle with friends at The Pink Door, a hard to find but quite excellent restaurant near Pike Street Market. The food was great; the lasagna is a speciality. It is open late; our reservation was for 10 pm. We stayed at the Alexis hotel in the heart of downtown (a short walk from the train station, but don't walk it at night; it's a heavy homeless area). Pricey but worth it. Free hot chocolate in the lobby during the wiuter.  The hotel's restaurant, the Bookstore Bar and Cafe looked like a nice place to have a drink, and served us a delicious breakfast.