Writers' Block--Not
Movie Briefs: Imitation Game, Into the Wood, Top Five, Wild

This and That

Dan Grobstein passes along an article from The Guardian: French town tries to save first world war soldier’s room for posterity

Daniel Dern comments on my contention about my own work: But otherwise, no, what you see is pretty much the first draft, and 90% of the time I am proud of it and happy with it.

A) by now, the odds are that you've run through 2-3 drafts in your head, mostly for a mix of "what points do I want to make, what am I trying to say, and what order, and your fingers and subconsious have done lots of editing.

b) you have your "voice" for how you say things.

c) I suspect that if you were doing fiction or some other new type-of-thing, you might go slower or rewrite more, for a while.