Robert Kennedy, Edith Green and the Last Whistlestop
RIP, Stan Freberg

This and That

My recent contributions to HumorLabs:
And the Number One Way Life Would Be Different If Everyday Was 4/20...
Everyone in Congress would sit around all day doing nothing. Oh wait...

The Number Seven reward for contributing to the Catch a Predator kickstarter:
$100: A show credit for "Lambada services provided by."

The Number Six sign that "You aren't You"
The face in the mirror doesn't terrify you.

The Number Seven Thing Overheard During the Signing of Indiana's Religious Freedom Act...
"That felt good. Let's turn the clocks back literally as well, and restore standard time."

* * *
My former ensemble, the Contra Costa Wind Symphony, has a concert May 17 at the Lesher Theater in Walnut Creek. After 35 years at the helm, Dr. Duane Carroll is hanging up his baton. I played with the band 13 years myself.

Two infographics from friends:
Kent Peterman passes along:
25 maps that explain the English language

From Jerry Pournelle:
The disposable income of people in every country of the world in one fantastic infographic