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Apparently, if you ask Siri on your iPhone to divide 0 by 0, she has a very snarky answer.

Jerry Pournelle's daughter has written a book set in Jerry's Mote universe called Outies. If you liked The Mote in God's Eye, you might enjoy this one as well.

A friend writes: Clickhole is a funny site. Very po-mo--didn't know whether to slap my forehead or my thigh with this chestnut about towels.

Several items via Daniel Dern:

And a few from Dan Grobstein

Kent Peterman passed along this link: Chattanooga Shooting: American Violence Never Ends

I made the HumorLab list again--almost number one!
And the Number Two Ant-Man Pet Peeve.. I'm ignored by clerks at the DMV. Oh wait...