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Spiritual advice from a good friend: "God is incredibly grateful to you each time you look at Him, are grateful to Him, think about Him.  What an upwelling of Joy and Wholeness comes as we think about God thinking about us, and us being Glad of Him, and Him being Glad of us, and around and around it goes.  This is full Consciousness. This enables all else."

Dan Grobstein Links
"Happy Birthday" Lawsuit: "Smoking Gun" Emerges in Bid to Free World's Most Popular Song. It has always struck me as weird that this song is still under copyright. As a boy, I watched Heck Harper on KGW-TV. When he sang Happy Birthday on his children's show, it was a song of his own devising. Heck is gone, but I might live to see the day when radio, TV and movies no longer have to pay for a public domain song that was mistakenly copyrighted.
    And a mess of Trump links:
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Three  from Daniel Dern: A Personal Take on Go Set a Watchman by Ursula K. Le Guin
Best Political Video ever. Watch including through the final credits.
Robert Vaughn, the man behind the Man from UNCLE