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This and That

I was reading a book of interviews and discovered that Mel Brooks decided to leave out a punchline in his amazingly funny film, Blazing Saddles. No one who saw the film and likes it can forget the scene where Lilly, in a dark room with the African-American sheriff, says “Is it true what they say about you people? It’s true, it’s true.” Brooks told an interviewer the next line was, “I hate to disillusion you ma’m, but you are sucking on my arm.” I thought that was pretty funny, but Brooks apparently thought it was a joke too far.

Also, if you want to see how really crap your odds are of winning the lottery, try this Powerball Simulator. And, “Lyin Ted Cruz.” A college buddy of mine passed this along: “This is very well done.  The teens are all pretty smart but just flabbergasted by computing technology from 20 years ago.”

This from Dan Grobstein: How to Read The News. Also: How Santa Claus Ended Up on U.S. Military’s Radar

Daniel Dern checks in: I'm surprised they didn't subtitle this cartoon, "If Apple used the Microsoft Word approach to adding every possible feature that users ask for..."

Joe Brancatelli notes: “Check this video. It's the return (seriously) of Basil Fawlty as John Cleese and updates one of the great moments from the "Gourmet Night" episode of Fawlty Towers. Yes, it's a commercial, but a loving homage. Enjoy because you won't see it on American TV.