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Being With You / First Kiss / Expressions of Love

I have no idea what search terms will make this post findable, but I simply can’t resist posting it, I am so proud of these  expressions.The first is 100% mine. The man who taught me to cook, when we both lived at Student House at MIT, had a saying: “Everything is a little better with a little wine in it and a lot better with a lot of wine in it.”I thought of that idea when I wrote this love note to my wife:

It doesn’t matter what the activity is: walking, talking, reading a magazine, eating dinner or sleeping. All of that is a little better with a little of you and a lot better with a lot of you.

Then while going through some old papers, I discovered a similar expression I had heard. I feel that adapting the words to my relationship with my wife is fair, because it is absolutely kind, sweet, true, and beautifully expressed:

You affect me in a way no one else ever has. Being with you makes an enormous difference in the way I live my life. Even the things I do without you are affected by your nearby presence. Things do not just seem better they are better.

And, here's our first real kiss:

You took my hand, smiled and kissed me. I had kissed and been kissed a number of times before, including kisses from two previous lovers. But that was the first time a kiss had ever moved me; the first time my toes tingled, the first time the room swirled around me, the first time I kept my eyes open (you did too. You had a dreamy look in them); the first time I had been ’’melted by a kiss.”

From a play I saw:

Wife: Conjugate love

Husband: I have loved you, I love you, I will love you.

Or this:

I am addicted to joy and ecstasy. Fortunately for me my addiction has not been a problem, because a fix was easy to get. All I’ve ever needed to do was lean over and kiss you, hug you or rub your shoulder, or just look at you. The light from inside you fans the flames of joy inside me, in a way that is both thrilling and satisfying, in the sense that it feeds my addiction, releasing, I suspect all those addiction chemicals inside me.

If just one person stumbles across this site and uses any of these ideas to woo their spouse or lover, I will be pleased, honored and happy.