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Dear Grandson

God willing, I will be 86 when my grandson graduates from high school. A friend recently asked if I had made a video to pass on to him, to advise him and to help him understand who I am and the lessons I have learned. I am a great public speaker and good on TV, but I am an even better writer, with some recent experience in self-published books. Thus it is that I recently gave his parents the first hardcover edition of Dear Grandson. The first half will probably be of more interest to him; it consists of a journal of all my interactions with him, and all the proud parent emails and messages I receive. The reason for annual editions is to make sure he gets the most recent and complete version of this section if I check out early.

My goal: "I hope this book gives you a sense of who I am, and who you were as you were becoming you."

I am more interested in the second half of the book, since it is about me and him both. I don't expect to change it much. First of all, there's my advice to him. Since I tried hard not to follow the single piece of advice my dad gave me when I left for college, I don't expect him to pay much attention, but at least (if I'm not here to read it with him), I can rest in peace knowing I made the effort. If I save him 10 minutes of pain from a broken heart, it will have been worth the effort.

By the way, one of the pieces of advice I am leaving is the same one dad gave me. Maybe he'll pay attention.I did, however, follow my mother's advice, which I am also passing on: never to marry anyone you hadn’t lived with and slept with. That advice I did follow; I lived with several women, including my wife, before I married her.

Very specifically I advise, "Don’t marry your first OR second lovers, and stay single until you are 27." Oh, the pain he will avoid if he takes that advice.

I preserved my theory of two tanks (see above) and advised him both to make sure his was full and that any woman he wants to marry has a full tank first.

There is a section of family stories, and some of my musing on things he may well have never heard of, including cursive handwriting, paper books and roman numerals. I tell him to follow his heart, to go to class (which I didn't, much) in college, and in relationshis to always listen, ask permission, take no for an answer... that sort of thing.


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