The coronavirus is the best thing that could have happened to us
Holding my Heart

You Affect Me

I wish I had the words to say
How you affect me every day.
It’s like nobody ever has,
By yourself you’re in a class.

I thought I was in love before,
But now I see that there was more.
When I was with them things were fine,
They did their thing, I did mine.

Whether close or far away,
Every day an average day.
Were they far or were they near?
Made no difference in my cheer.

They did their best there is no doubt,
But they lacked your awesome clout.
Every single thing I do
Is better proximate to you.

Eating with you is more fun
I’m the moon to your bright sun.

Walking with you gives me thrills
Outdoors hearing birdie trills.

A talk with you makes me so gay
I could do it night and day.

Sleeping with you till the dawn
Bucks me up and turns me on.

In Short there’s nothing that I do
That isn’t better done near you.

You affect me as no other has;
Life with you creates pizazz.


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