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 Clare Horner Aphorisms 1

As I noted last time, I admit Horner was a misogynist and a homophobe, although an apparently successful marriage slightly reduced the former. Don’t Trudge on the Fudge was written just before he died. As I expected, I found his form as an aphorist was good to the end.


 “I don’t know what I am, but I’m glad I got to be one.”

There is a place of total bliss and complete knowing,
enclosing all the universe I’ll ever have the sense to see,
and a dollop more.
It is in the center of you and shines for me,
as I actively rest there
in the ecstasy of my place of special welcome.
Honest love makes sense. (If it doesn’t, it isn’t.)
A marriage license doesn’t make you more married than a birth certificate makes you more born.
Nothing turns me on like sanity.
Like anything living, love requires nourishment.
When My Heart Tells
When my heart tells you
it loves you with all my body,
don’t you doubt it.
My mind oversees the whole thing,
and it knows.
Life is a billion-dollar computer jammed by a dead bug.
The whole phriggin mess is absolutely silly. The only reason we don’t usually notice is because it keeps us so damn busy.
Sing: “She has the kind of kisses I’ll live for.”
You may get confirmation from some of your own sex, but fulfillment comes from the other one.
People should remain together only if their changes continue to justify it.
How nice that no one can lose me, since one can’t lose what one doesn’t own.
I’d like to put everything I have
In or around anything you have
In order to say that
or whoever you are
I’d just like to be there.


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