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Another Love Song: You Affect Me

Sorry to bother you again, but you showed some interest in my love song Holding My Heart.

I have done one more collaboration with the mystery musician, which I think will be my last.

It's called You Affect Me. It's on YouTube:

You can find the original poem here:

Thanks for listening. Thanks for your kind words about my other song.

Early listeners had this to say:

"A wonderful song that reminds me of a mash up between Gershwin meets Beatles"

"My god, the music is beautiful.  And it adds more layers of feeling to the words"

"The cute Lehrer-esque rhymes you admire so much can be annoying in a sincere love poem aimed at the general public." (I take a comparison to Tom Lehrer as a compliment)

"literally made me cry this morning.  Didn't expect that.”

"Very Nice Song"


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