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Movie Review: Definitely, Maybe

Definitely, Maybe was a 2008 romantic comedy starring Ryan Reynolds. The plot device is Reynolds telling his daughter how he met and proposed to her mother. It is a complicated story, involving a number of different lovers, some simultaneous. My younger daughter recommended it to me because “it reminds me of you. You love talking about your former lovers. And where he tells stories about working for Clinton, you tell stories about working for UPI.” I have to admit, she got me dead to rights. It is a cute device, and a cleverly written film. I defy you to pick out which woman he ends up marrying before the film tells you.

Also, definitely, maybe could describe my wife’s reaction when I proposed to her 40 years ago. It was my third marriage proposal (and the first to actually produce a marriage). The first proposal was accepted on the spot, the second after a day. My wife took two weeks deciding to say yes. And the rest, as they say, is history.


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