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Perfect Films

I had this fun exchange with a long-time friend this week:

-------------incoming message---------
 David Mamet named Dodsworth as one of four perfect films. (The other three are The Godfather, A Place in the Sun, and Galaxy Quest).

Must be true, I read it in an online review for Dodsworth!

I’ve seen Galaxy Quest (Loved it), and now I want to see A Place in the Sun. Have you seen them?
---------my response-----
Thanks a million for passing this on. I love and respect Mamet, second only to Stoppard as a playwright.
I’ve watched Galaxy Quest a dozen times. It is second only to Space Balls in terms of a science fiction spoof. I, too love it. 
Saw Godfather once in the original order, once in the special “chronological order” version. Liked both, preferred the latter; less confusing. The film confirmed my extremely high opinion of Diane Keaton. If I weren’t already married...

Never seen Dodsworth or place in the sun, but they are on my list now.
Of course there is a fifth perfect film... Groundhog Day, as described at


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