“I think the universe is trying to tell me something.”
Advice to my Grandson Redux

This and That

Enola Holmes
 Enola Holmes on Netflix: not great art, but funny and entertaining. If you are an anglophile, like me, or a Sherlockian, like me, it is well worth your time. Meet Sherlock’s mom!

Obeying Women
By coincidence, several films we have watched in recent weeks included scenes of strong women bluntly telling the men in their lives exactly what to do. Good things happen to the men when they willingly obey. That certainly matches my experience.

The Way It Used To Be
Fred Hutchison, an MIT classmate of mine worked for Frank Church and wrote an op-ed for the Spokane paper about long-gone congressional comity, and the greatest generation. I think it is worth reading. I agree with him: the shared experience of military service probably helped produce comity. The Congress was 70% ex-military in the 70s, down to 20% today, compared to 4% of the general population.

In this terrible time, it is a good idea to consider risk in relative terms. One of the best relative terms is the micromort, explained here. You should know whether flying on an airplane is more or less dangerous than riding a horse.
My Oddball Vocabulary
Two vocabulary notes. What can I say? I am an Anglophile. I wondered out loud what the “chattering classes” had to say about the first debate. That's what the British call commentators. Also, what can I say; I was taught to speak by two people born in the 1930s. I doubt there is anyone left alive, besides me, who would say “Harris is going to take Pence apart like a 50-cent watch."
Current Events
Enjoy Weird Al’s video op-Ed for PBS and the New York Times (who knew Autotune was a tool for piercing political commentary?) and Randy Rainbow’s parody for silly people.
I love my retired UPI reporter chat group. How else would I have discovered:
30 Of The Most Savage Tweets From God’s Twitter Account

and, by implication

God's Twitter Account (unverified)


Want to hear samples of all the broadcast and Internet audio I did over the years? I didn't think so, but if you ever change your mind, they are called 35 Years Before The Mic








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