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The Tech Alum fights Covid / Clinical Trials

There are many illustrious alumni of The Tech in journalism, as well as a number of other fields, including the law, science and technology. It tends to undermine my self-image that my academic career didn’t cover me with glory because of the time I spent at the newspaper. Turns out others spent time at the paper AND went to class and did their homework. Go figure.

One such is Emanuel Goldman from the Arts staff, who is an expert on the low risk of Covid on surfaces.

Speaking of Covid and The Tech staffers, sports and business staffer Steve Kirsch ‘78 (4 years behind me, but we’ve met a handful of times since) is a tech hectomillionare, and is funding research into what existing drugs might ameliorate COVID-19 effects.

One he’s funding a look at is an SSRI called Fluvoxamine which has the side effect of blocking a receptor Covid needs in order to kill you with a cytokine storm.

If you or someone you know has Covid, he suggests you get into a contactless clinical trial.

This Covid work is of a piece with his lengthy history of philanthropy. And he invented the optical mouse.


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