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The Tech Alum fights Covid / Clinical Trials

This and That

Meditation Advice
This from folk singer Tom Rush:
“I recently took up meditation. Figured it was better than sitting around doing nothing.”
–– Anonymous, k/o Jim Berger
Or, as I was once told, “Don’t just do something, stand there.”

Respecting Doctors
Some condescending pig in the WSJ attacked Dr. Jill Biden, Ed.D. for calling herself Dr. Jill. It that phrase, the “Dr.” is known as an honorific or courtesy title, to which all people with academic doctorates are entitled. Which reminds me… I sniggered about my high school mentor, Dr. Patricia L. Swenson, Ed.d., who insisted on being called “doctor.” I can see now that my sniggering (I was young and stupid) was a form of put down of a woman who worked hard for the title. We didn’t snigger about Dr. Blanchard (a guy). Dr. Swenson’s gone now, but I still owe her an apology. 




Sex and love

“Love is blind and sexual attraction is irrational, which is why people fall in love with sheep and steamer trunks.”

—unknown; probably NY magazine circa 1970s (Gail Sheehy?)



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