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RIP Maija Meijers

From https://www.angelsdailymessage.com/: “This is from Bruce, Maija’s loving husband. Maija, the conduit for these messages, passed away on 4/21/21. This page will no longer be updated with new daily messages. I hope that the Angel messages have brought you a measure of peace and comfort.” She served the angels by channeling their messages for the last 40 years of her life.

Maiji Ingrida Meijers was 69 years old, and lived in Western Massachusetts. I would have been glad of her for a few more years in my life, but I must not be selfish. As the angels told her to tell us, “There will be a time to Go Home.  There will be a time to lay aside the body illusion and fly free in Wisdom and Light.  But, meanwhile, be the window through which the Light shines.” She was that window her entire life.

In some sense, I am sure it is a relief to her to remove the makeup and costumes of the life illusion. On the other hand, she often said we aren’t going to heaven; we are already there. She’s just had a change of address.

I won’t be presumptuous enough to attempt an obituary, as my knowledge of this beautiful soul is fragmentary. Maija Ingrida Meijers lived in the room next to me at MIT’s co-ed co-operative Student House during the 1970-71 school year. MIT turned out not to be for her, so I last laid eyes on her almost exactly a half-century ago in the spring of 1971. At the age of 19, she was already deeply spiritual, and touched my soul in a way it has seldom been touched.

I was fortunate enough to be able to catch up with her, once the Internet had sufficient moxie to lead me to her website. She offered me telephone counseling several times, and was a regular e-mail correspondent. I was a daily reader during the 21st century. I recommend the now-static site and her books, available on Amazon. We are never gone as long as someone remembers us; Maija will still be here until I’m gone.


Clark Smith

I spent a wonderful gifted day with Maija at MIT one weekend in 1970. All I remember is "Love the One You're With".

Jo Thomas Blaine

Thank you so for your sweet, dignified and humble offering of a not-an-obituary for Maija. The only one the internet has to offer, so far. And such a balm to my heart as I troll for news, evidence, memories and other clues in this shocking loss of her corporeal presence. I am so glad to hear from someone who knew her when she was young! She was my dear, dear friend in Western Massachusetts nearly three decades ago now, made remote by my move away to California. I remember well that same Angel message you referenced about "there will be a time to go home," and I remember even then the quick intake of breath as I said "no, no, not yet, I will not be the same without her..." I always saw the messages as being first and foremost for her, as she dutifully rose in the pre-dawn hours to channel them for us as well. She has left us with such a legacy, enough for twenty lifetimes.

Jo Thomas Blaine

I made a memorial site for her, if you feel like visiting: https://www.gatheringus.com/memorial/maija-ingrida-meijers/7271

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