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Global Consciousness Project

If you haven’t heard about this project, read the article: Global Consciousness Project - Wikipedia. If you subscribe to an early warning earthquake site, why not find a place on your desktop for

To summarize: the GCP is a worldwide network of random number generators is being observed for incidents of non-random number generation. It is a proven fact that human beings can influence these hardware generators with their minds, at a distance. Basically, this project is trying to measure disturbances in the force (to use the Star Wars terminology), or the quantum field (physics) or the worldwide human consciousness. GCP found disturbances on 9/11 and the day Princess Diana died, among others.

I learned about it from a movie I can, literally, only half recommend. SKIP SKIP SKIP the first 40 minutes of Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind on Amazon: it is pure tin-foil hat. But the last hour and 20 minutes is about meditation and global consciousness, and includes the clearest explanation of quantum entanglement I’ve ever seen, with a graphic reminiscent of the best of the Bell Telephone Science Hour. While the discussion of consciousness is in the context of contacting extra-terrestrial life forms, the science is sound―including the observation that the heart contains 40,000 neurons.


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