Lies Boomers Were Taught
O Lucy Man!

My First Love

Mathematics was my first love. We conducted a torrid affair through grade school and high school: 12 long years. I flirted with science, electronics, English and history, but Math was always number one. Then, when I got to college, I found I no longer understood her. Prof. Mattuck was conducting couples counseling in 10-250 three days a week, but I seldom went, so mathematics and I grew apart.

She offered me the world, but I was already sneaking around with a scrawny dame named Ergo The Student Newspaper. I was always with her when I should have been with Mathematics. Then, in April 1971, I met Ergo’s older, wiser and much more successful sister, The Tech The Student Newspaper. She turned my head and I never turned back. In the five decades since, I have been a serial monogamist with members of their extended family, the Journalisms. AP, UPI, the Oregon Journal and computer journalism all captured my heart for a while. I am retired now, and overjoyed with the actual loves of my life, my wife and daughters. I miss her sometimes as I attempt to calculate a percentage or a tip, but she seems to have done quite well without me.


Clark Smith

Here's a teaser that haunted me for 20 years. Richard Feynmann said that the most interesting thing he knew was Euler's Theorem: e^i∏ = -1. I recently came across a proof of this involving trigonometry in the complex numbers plane. See if you can noodle it out on your own.

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