Fine Aphorism

Movie: No Time To Die

Well, it looks like Daniel Craig really meant it this time; this IS his last shot at Bond. I had hoped to pair this review with one of my Bond reviews from college (Live and Let Die or Diamonds are Forever), but discovered those two films weren’t among the 100 or so movies I expounded upon in The Tech.

I fell in love with Bond because of President Kennedy’s public infatuation with the spy, and have seen every Bond film, read every one of Ian Fleming’s novels.

No Time To Die probably is the best film (albeit an hour too long), and the plot twists mean that I might be able to actually differentiate it from the others. It hit all the mandatory highlights, “Shaken, not stirred,” (although I loved Craig’s first response, “Do I look like someone who gives a damn?”), “Bond, James Bond,” and wit under pressure. Women, in 21st century Bond, have agency; if you don’t cheer when the woman in the evening dress delivers the roundhouse kick, you’re not paying attention.

Things blow up, people fall down, cars and motorcycles defy Newton at every 360 degree turn. Not a deeply moving cinematic experience, just a lot of sometimes confusing fun.

(In this iteration of PSACOT, I have reviewed one Bond film, Die Another Day (scroll down to Movies) and made fun of the films once (scroll down to Humor)


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