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Two Types of Depression/A Societal Approach

I was told back in my 20s that there were two types of depression: endogenous and exogenous, that endogenous came from within and exogenous was the result of external circumstances. The two bouts of clinical depression I suffered in my 20s were both exogenous, the result of broken love affairs.

Here's more detail from the Internet:

“Endogenous depression may be primarily caused by genetic and biological factors… “biologically based” depression. Exogenous depression happens after a stressful or traumatic event takes place. This type of depression is more commonly called “reactive” depression.”

Interesting news on the subject just arrived from the Friends of Positive Psychology Listserv (to request membership in the listserv, send an e-mail to Jer Clifton: cliftonj@

British Psychological Society Report: Understanding Depression & building a Less Depressing Society—Addressing Poverty, Racism, Inequality, Unemployment, & Childhood Stress & Disadvantage.” If you download the full report, the executive summary is on page 16.

In short, it’s not always you and your chemistry that makes depression. We need to build an anti-depressant society.


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