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Start of February 28 Column

Different Kinds of Love

I found myself thinking the other day of the different kinds of love. Not a profound thought,      as witness this Time Magazine essay, Why You Shouldn’t Love Your Kids More Than Your Partner. But the thought that occurred to me was slightly different, and helped raise my gratitude level for the day.

Our love for our children is not optional; it is biological. Evolution insures the survival of our race by instilling in us an abiding and nearly ineradicable love for our offspring. Sadly, there are situational exceptions (caused by tragedy and trauma), when a parent loses the ability to provide such love. Those are awful.

On the other hand, spousal love (as deep as it is in my case) is entirely optional. Every day it continues is by virtue of voluntary choice on the part of both partners. I think that makes it all the sweeter.


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