End of April 4 Column (No. 819)
Personality Tests

This and That

School Humor
Humor by Marjorie Gottlieb Wolfe: Up the Down Staircase 2022.

The End Of Movies?
I find Russ Douthat’s politics repulsive, but his cultural commentary is typically thoughtful and on the nose: We Aren’t Just Watching the Decline of the Oscars. We’re Watching the End of the Movies

We all know “facts” that persist in the popular mind long after they are disproved. “Only 10% of Americans have passports” was one of these. Turns our the actual figure is 40%; still low compared to Canada’s 66 and the U.K.’s 76. No wonder we’re so parochial.


Robert E. Malchman

How does one pronounce that guy's name? Do-that? Doot-hat? Dow-that? Doubt-hat? dow-Thay?

I usually just settle by calling him "Asshat." It captures his essence.

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