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Daniel Dern

(BTW, until I started reading the item, I thought it was going to be about
"sex ed classes, separated by gender)

IIRC, the number of women admitted to MIT was artificially constrained up
through my year (entering in 1969) by the Venn diagram of "all frosh must live in an MIT dorm/living group for their first year" and "female undergrads may only live in McCormick Hall" (which, by definition, had a
finite # of spaces available). So my class was 18:1. (The actual habitation had already begin to shift a little, but not the admissions #s/ratio.)

The beginnings of co-ed housing, e.g., your fraternity, and new dorms like Student House (and perhaps Random Hall?), starting, let this officially change change.

Robert E. Malchman

I lived at Wellesley as part of a residence exchange in 1983-84. Two thousand women, nine men. Even I couldn't strike out with those odds.

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