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Humor: Meme-o-Rama

More Humor: World Almanac as religious book

During my 30 years as a journalist, I bought a copy of the World Almanac every year and saved all the old ones until the Internet made them obsolete. So I enjoyed this excerpt from Earth by the Daily Show with Jon Stewart that appeared in my UPI chat: a list of religious books, New Testament, Old Testament, The Koran and, Ready? The 2010 World Almanac.

Venerated by: People who still hadn't discovered the Internet.

Who "Wrote" It: A staff of Ph.D.s in New York City,

Who Actually Wrote It: an intern with last year's almanac and access to Wikipedia.

Main Theme: humanity's compulsive need to catalogue.

Questionable Claim: somebody somewhere cares when Vivian Vance was born.

Okay to Burn? Knock yourself out.


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