End of November 7 column
Review: Ticket to Paradise

This and That

What Oz Means
Amy Schumer’s funny take on What Mehmet Oz means when he says abortion should be between "a woman, her doctor, and local political leaders."

Dormphone Days
One of the term-time jobs I took to earn my way though MIT was at Dormphone, the Dormitory Telephone System (DTS), later known as Dormline. Dorrmphone Days.

Dumb Days
I was talking about the supercut of my Chronicle reviews when I recalled I did commentaries in the 1987-88 season,  also with a large dollop of shtick. The hardest one (steep hillside, dramatic leap, no teleprompter) was my commentary on Software Piracy.


Robert E. Malchman

Do you remember the outgoing Dormline message, "This is MIT, collect and third-number calls will not be accepted at this number," or if you misdialed, "You've reached a non-working number at MIT. Please check the number and dial again"?

When I was an undergrad, somebody hacked the second message to say, "You've reached an imaginary number at MIT. Please multiply by i and dial again." Brilliant.

Paul Schindler

I did not remember that specifically, but I remember the policy. I love the hack.

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