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A Christmas Miracle

It was four years ago that I experienced a Christmas miracle, an act of loving kindness that left me breathless.

It changed everything for this old Episcopalian, who had just enjoyed a Christmas service.

I re-examined all the bitterness in my life. Then one morning I woke up and felt only love for everyone I ever thought badly of. And I felt samadhi in line that day at Safeway. I started meditating daily.

The journey of the last four years has flabbergasted me. My heart chakra opened, I underwent a soul retrieval that gave me back 1977 Paul (I didn’t know how much I missed him), Vicki treated me for mild emotional PTSD, I began a gratitude practice, I live to spread loving kindness, and my entire spiritual life changed. It spilled over into my secular life as I wrote poetry for the first time in my life, and love songs for my wife. I have never felt more creative. I now feel, for the first time, I know my purpose in life—spreading loving kindness. I did it as an amateur for the 1,000 kids I taught in 10 years, but now I feel like a pro.

As I look back my whole life seems different, better and brighter. All the dark spots turn out to be light spots.

I am trying to lead a virtuous life. I was a pretty good man before but now I strive to be very good man for whatever time I have left.


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