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There Are No Little Things 10: Car Crash

I don’t know if this incident really belongs in this feature; I have no idea who or what made the “decision” that, when I blacked out because of ventricular fibrillation while driving south at 60 MPH on I680 in Walnut Creek, I swerved right (into the guardrail) rather than left (into oncoming traffic). Had I gone left, I’d have died and taken others with me. Instead, I walked away from the crash. Why? I don’t know. Since God  is omniscient, he didn’t really have to “think” about which way I went (not to mention that God does not much with details). Probably just randomness.


Clark Smith

No kidding. On August 1Rohnert park in the hit lane 9, 2022 I was traveling 70 MPH North on 101 through Rohnert Park in the hot lane when I lost consciousness, apparently kareened across three lanes of traffic, rolled my Honda CRV into a ditch and through a chainlink fence. When I regained consciousness I was upside down in a totalled vehicle pointed South on the frontage road. Unaccountably, I didn't kill anybody and I didn't die, didn't even brak a bone, just a dislocated shoulder.
Six months, 20 doctors and hundreds of tests later, nobody had any idea what was going on. I continued to have dizzyness and fainting, sometimes including some concussions. By Christmas, it was no longer intermittent. I learned in January that my pulse could not climb above 40 BPM and I could barely walk or climb stairs.
On January 9th we figured out two weeks ago that I needed a pacemaker, which was installed the next morning at 8AM. By 9:30 - this is literally true - I grabbed a nurse in the recovery room and we waltzed down the hall!
What a difference. Everybody should get one of these. When your time comes, don't hesitate.

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