Right Column Redux: Sam Patch, The Greatest Story Ever Told So Far
Meme O’ The Week: Einstein

This and That

About Celebrity Journalism
“If the headlines scream about the living arrangements of the sitcom actress Ellen DeGeneres, what will they do if there is another Hiroshima?”
―Pete Hamill

Baffling Sleep Stats
I got five hours sleep instead of my usual seven. Most mornings I begin with meditation, then the Elevate app to exercise my mind. I got three record high scores on six exercises. I am baffled. Any theories about why short sleep would IMPROVE your mental acumen?

I recently asked someone for an idiot-proof interface, which took me back 50 years: “There is no such thing as idiot-proof because idiots are so ingenious.”

Graceful Exits
Graceful Exits, How Great Beings Die, by Sushila Blackman, is a compilation of the death stories of 108 Hindu, Tibetan Buddhist, and Zen masters. It’s an amazing book; I read it a long time ago and forgot to mention it in my column or book list. I am now remedying that error. I highly recommend it, even if you’re not spiritually inclined.



"But Boris, I thought said this plan was foolproof."
"Foolproof, yes. IDIOTPROOF, no."

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