End of June 5 Column (No. 881)
Humor: Not Making the Top 5

  This and That

This is the single most important item you will click this week. Professional historian Heather Cox Richardson’s Letters From An American is always excellent, which is why I blogroll it. But she has reprinted an official government document from the end of World War II (check the footnotes: it’s posted on a U.S. Government website. THIS IS TRUE!) which defined facism and warned of it in America. It reads like the GOP Strategic Plan used since Nixon.

A Reason and a Season
I was recently reminded of the old saying, “Sometimes people come into our lives for a reason and a season.”

Profound Advice
A tip of the PSACOT hat to my long-time friend Michael Dortch, who posted this on Linked In:  "One of my favorite philosophical exchanges goes like this: What's more important: the journey or the destination? The company."

Canon 210 Ink Cartridge
Anyone want a Canon 210 ink cartridge?


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