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Humor: Heaven and Hell In Europe

Heaven in Europe is where
    the English are the policemen
    the French are the cooks
    the Germans are the mechanics
    the Italians are the lovers
    and the Swiss organize everything

Hell in Europe is where
    the Germans are the policemen
    the English are the cooks
    the French are the mechanics
    the Swiss are the lovers
    and the Italians organize everything

(Yes, I’m half Swiss, but I’m also a quarter Irish: if an Irishman can’t punch it or drink it, he’s not interested in it)


Robert E. Malchman

That's one of my favorite jokes. In a similar vein, there's the story of the time Germany knocked out England in the soccer World Cup. A German in a bar discovers he's sitting next to an Englishman and starts giving him grief and tries to bait him. The Englishman is having none of it. Finally, in frustration, the German sputters, "Englander, zon't you understandt? Ve beat you in your national shport!" The Englishman looks at him coolly and responds, "That's all right, Old Man. We beat you in your national sport. Twice."

Paul Schindler

😍 love it

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