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Hacking Reality

I’m not 100% sure that Rob Nelson is right about everything, but his book, Hacking Reality,  and its companion website, have had a profound effect on my life and those of others I know. I don’t know enough about quantum physics to judge that portion of the book. I am not even sure you can actually change your past in a way that also changes the past for others. But, for sure, his techniques can make it feel like you have changed the past, which, given its intangible nature, may be good enough. In my case, after I changed my past, I found written evidence, in my handwriting, in a contemporaneous document I’d just reviewed, that I’d never seen before and which supported the new scenario.

I also don’t know enough about Karma and reincarnation to score his scenario of pre-life planning, but it tickles me to imagine it’s true. He suggests that we go through one incarnation after another with the same souls; something of a repertory company. (A Buddhist friend tells me this concept is not alien to his faith tradition) Prior to your birth, the group meets and assigns roles. “I’ll sit this one out.” “I’ll be the father.” “I’ll be the lover that jilts him,” “I’ll meet him in college,” and so on.


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