Right Column Redux: John Carroll Cat Columns
Meme O’ The Week: Action Figures

This and That

Old Pictures
I’ve been sorting old pictures. The golden glow of nostalgia? No. As Bob Violino put it in his gratitude blog, “This doesn’t have to be an exercise in dwelling on the past. Look at it as an opportunity to help count the blessings you’ve experienced, and captured, over the years.”

OOPS! Babbling Beaver (no link offered now that I know its true nature) is an abomination pretending to be a parody site. I apologize for posting the link in the first place and promise to d0 better Due Diligence in the future.


What’s the best predictor of success? Grit. Not IQ, test scores, economic class, none of the usual suspects. Grit.

Me=Edgar Alan Poe
I went to one of those “you write like” websites and fed it the last month of PSACOT. Turns out I write like Edgar Allan Poe.


Robert E. Malchman

For the love of God, Schindlersor! You should resolve to do that nevermore.

Robert E. Malchman

Why are you pimping a website that proudly announces that it is written by those "who are distressed by the Wokeness takeover of" MIT? People who rail against "wokeness" are inevitably some combination of racist, misogynist, homophobic and religiously and otherwise bigoted. They are, to coin a phrase, "deplorable." What's next for PSACOT, a MAGA donation button perhaps?

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