Screed: Self-Made Person
What I Need To Give Up


My vignettes are piling up. Here are a few:

My Granddaughter

She was throwing everything on the floor. Thanks to a suggestion from Robert Malchman, I have purchased a grabber, so she has to throw farther to beat me at her own game.

Random phrases are not talking, but when she finishes eating now, she says, clearly, “I’m Done.”

My grandson
When I was visiting the other day, he he did a side plank and a rear plank (exercise moves. Look them up). Both times he said “This is easy Abba,” but I responded “only for you”

My daughter asked me to limit my grandson's TV watching yesterday by telling me to limit his time on the Fernsehapparat (a ridiculous German compound word meaning far-seeing apparatus) a word she learned from me. At the age of 5, my grandson is already catching on to pig Latin, and my French is execrable (Marlow's German is non-existent), leaving us only a handful of deception options.


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