End of October 9 Column (No. 899)
Right Column Redux: Paul's Prairie Home Companion Script

This and That

You ask if I'll write any more songs? At least one. Not a love song; a song about whether I am going to write any more songs: No More To Say. There are three Easter eggs. Can you find the lyrics from my other songs making a cameo appearance? Since most of you haven't listened,  the only readers with a chance are my daughters. Be the first to comment, girls.
avorite Tree
There’s no stopping Semi-Rad: Having A Favorite Tree

1st Impeachment Hearing
Charlie Sykes of The Bulwark wrote: “The charitable view is that the first hearing was a dumpster fire inside a clown car wrapped in a fiasco. To put it mildly, the GOP did not bring their best.”

Graceful Exits
There are about 900 memes on the Internet quoting Ellen Goodman on the subject of graceful exits. To the best of my knowledge, I am the only person who has posted the full October 1976 column in which she coined the phrase. It arrived on a day when my live was in chaos. I appreciated it then; I appreciate it now.

Future of News
There may be a future for professionally reported and edited local news; just not ad-supported dead-tree news. Thank you Reid Ashe, for finding Leonard Downie’s op-ed in the Washington Post (or Editor& Publisher). Surely you can get past either the paywall or the begging wall.

Dead Horses
I recently posted, “When your horse is dead, dismount.” Well, Brendan Leonard offers an anecdote which begins, “Many of us have never beaten a dead horse,” following which he stopped beating the… well you know.


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