End of October 23 Column (No. 901)
Adult Change

This and That

Abused Elephants Forced To Listen
I won’t dignify it with a link, but pianist Paul Barton claims to have traded Yorkshire concert halls for Thailand, where he plays piano for handicapped elephants. Dig deeper on Google; it’s a fraud in the service of elephant abuse.
If you don’t already subscribe to Semi-Rad, you should; he blogs for a living and finds great links like these:
This is Wildfire: How to Protect Yourself, Your Home, and your Community in the Age of Heat 

 This XKCD comic 

 Ben Gibbard, has a really great line in this podcast about trying to finish an ultramarathon when your body isn’t quite right vs. trying to finish an ultramarathon when your head isn’t quite right
“Free throws but they get increasingly more hilarious”


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