End of Dec 11 Column (No. 908)
Right Column Redux: Kevin Sullivan on Teaching

Longshot/Netflix ****


They had me at Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen.

Some things  change in Hollywood;  others not so much. Many films still feature stunning women falling in love with trolls Makes you wonder what men in Hollywood look like. Probably like most of us.

This is a RomCom that does not follow RomCom rules. The first kiss, usually saved for the last scene,  comes early as does the first sex. There’s a fair amount of sex in this film, some of it funny,  some of it disgusting (no spoilers here).

It’s almost an inverted mystery (Columbo style): you know how it is going to end, you still want to watch and see if the scriptwriters can get there in a clever way. It contains the best candidacy announcement speech in any movie ever. Despite its predictability, you will be entertained and amused at the process. Poor Seth Rogen; talk about typecast. He is probably crying all the way to the bank, and looking for his chance to play Hamlet.

Why four stars? Regulars know I don’t think there is any film story that can’t be told in 90 minutes; Longshot runs over two hours. Hello Hollywood! This is the 21st century. Short attention spans much?


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