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Things My Mother Said

I have decided to share some of my mother’s wisdom with you under the rubric Things my Mother Said.

Mom Said: Oxfordians, Pheh .

When I first heard the theory that the Earl of Oxford had written the plays of Shakespeare, I mentioned it to my mother. To my surprise, she took great umbrage. “What a load of elitist claptrap. Shakespeare couldn’t have written the plays? Just because he was a commoner? Talent is not a matter of class; in fact, it is often the inverse.”

Mom Said: Idiots
For some reason, I used to complain that I was “Surrounded by Idiots.” Mom’s response was, “What does that say about you?”

Mom Said: Idiots, Again
I was bullied in school because I was perceived as gay. Mom’s advice: “Ignore them, they are idiots.” I know a lot of people are scarred by childhood bullying; I was lucky I took my mom’s word for it.


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