End of Feb. 12 Column (No. 916)
Meet Cute: Groundhog Day In Drag***

Apropos Of The Lunar New Year

This is the year of the dragon, as was 1952, my natal year. According to the East Bay Times, dragons have good luck, intelligence, charisma, optimism, strength, and health. Also boundless energy

Many’s the time I have been compared to Tigger because of my bouncy energy. When I worked in offices, decades ago, people would come up to me and say, “Are you all right,” if I walked in exhibiting what would, from anyone else, be normal energy.

As long as I am breaking my arm patting myself on the back, I was thrilled several times over the years when people told me I “lit up a room.” A few of them invited me to parties just for that purpose.

Finally, while talking to the Kaiser Advice Nurse this week, at the end of the conversation, he said, “May I ask what you did for a living?” I told him I was a journalist. “I just wondered. You’re so articulate, you clearly know medical terminology, and in this job I seldom get people who are so calm and nice.”

I have probably mentioned that I have a policy: I try never to visit a hospital without making at least one staffer laugh. My go-to line? “What else can I do for you?” “Tell me the meaning of life.” Lots of interesting responses, but not, so far, a direct answer, although “Whatever you think it is,” came close.


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