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Great Hardboiled Dialog

Monsieur Spade, available on Acorn and AMC+ (which you can subscribe to through Amazon) imagines Dashell Hammit’s detective retired in France years after his last adventure in San Francisco (which is why he never met Phillip Marlowe). A tip o’ the PSACOT Hat to the creators/writers, Scott Frank and Tom Fontana, who have managed to perfectly capture genre dialog, so much so that I have been compulsively writing down quotes. From the early episodes (Spade’s responses are in Italics)

Drop dead. I’m working on it.

There you go, impugning my war record. To have a war record, you must first have gone to war.

(To Spade after he wakes someone in the early morning hours) “Is your clock broken? Why wake me up?”

I don’t care. Not caring doesn’t make you bulletproof.

(another character) I treat her like any woman I despise. I respect her when she’s here, and lust for her when she’s not.


Robert E. Malchman

SAN FRANCISCO!!! Not LA. Phillip Marlowe worked in LA. How long have you lived in California?

It's a great series. I've even gotten Clare to watch it with me. It's so good that I try to watch the previous week's episode again just before the new one runs. My only complaint is that it's only going to be six episodes. I really hope they do a second season.

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