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Meet Cute: Groundhog Day In Drag***

To borrow a bon mot from a recent reader comment, I liked this film better the first time it came out, when it was called Groundhog Day. As it has since its very beginning, Hollywood continues to turn out remakes. But now, instead of honestly giving them the same  name, they remake the film with some minor tweaks.

Meet Cute is not awful; that’s why I gave it three stars. The plot is a time loop; the girl keeps going on the same date in hopes of changing the results. Kind of like the scientific definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Although Groundhog Day wisely failed to show the loop mechanism, this film basks in it. And, while we never learn how many times Phil repeats (Director Harold Ramis once suggested 10,000 years), these characters discuss the number of loops they've done. And, well, OK, their loops are deliberate. Let's hear it for creativity.

This film does stand a time-travel trope on its head. Most travelers attempt to avoid messing up their own timeline. In this film, the timeline is scrambled with glee.

One of the reasons for three stars is the film’s failure to honor a mandatory modern time-travel trope; at no time does any character say, “This is just like Groundhog Day.”


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