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What’s with the rain. Directors love it. Me? Not So Much

Someday, I’m going to give a movie five stars just because the director declined to use rain as a metaphor for dark feelings.

What is it with all the rain? The trope has been worn out for years; even Woody Allen has made fun of it. Hardly a week goes by without me seeing rain in a movie. I suppose we probably owe it to the Swedes , or maybe people who grew up in Oregon. Vicki no longer finds it amusing when I say, “What a surprise. Rain.”

 I assume by this point the effect is cheap, probably even CGI in some cases. Let’s see some creative alternatives; not every serious film needs to look like Gotham city.

Find some other way to express a dark mood. No one pays me enough to figure out what that other method would be. Let’s have a hard-working Writer’s Guild member make the effort.


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