Meme O' The Week: Misbehavior
Right Column Redux: Marjorie Gottlieb Wolfe

This and That 

4 million words
I recently downloaded PSACOT since 1998. Four million words, making nearly 25 million lifetime. As evanescent as baby’s breath, with the shelf-life of fish.

What, again? Poetry:
In April 2020, I realized there wasn’t a single poem in my multi-million-word lifetime output. “So write some,” Vicki said. To see that “something worth doing is worth doing to excess,” be the first to visit my Poetry Corner.

My Pal Jerry
I once (nominally) edited famed SciFi author Jerry Pournelle at (no one edited Jerry) and treasured his friendship for decades afterwards. A recent project required a mini-memoir of My Pal Jerry.

How The Sausage is Made
Thank you Daniel Dern for catching this NY Times goof, revealing the template used to create newsletter items. It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen since More Mush From The Wimp.






Daniel Dern

To be fair, I didn't "catch" it -- one of my fellow techno-journalists did, posting it to an email list, where, upon reading it, knew "Paul wants to know about this"

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