My Grandkids: I Love Onions

My grandson

Sometime in the 1980s, I found a medley of three English Music Hall novelty songs: Winchester Cathedral, I Love Onions, and Loving You Has Made Me Bananas. (“You burnt your finger that evening, while my back was turned; I asked the waiter for Iodine, but I dined all alone…”)

One night earlier this week, my grandson said, “I love onions,” which reminded me of the song, which I then played.

Two of the lyrics were:
“Or strange things living under logs”
“I don't like dancin' with crazy Ted; he's always jumpin' on my head”

“What are strange things living under logs,” he asked, and I did my best to explain. I was slightly baffled that he had no questions about Ted jumpin on the singer’s head. Although he now repeats the phrase.

Two days later, his mom asked, “Did you play a song about onions?” Apparently he had memorized most of it after one playing and was still asking questions