Right Column Redux: Paul on the Top 5 List

The column to the right on this blog contains permanent content, most of which has appeared at one time or another in the main body. I’ve decided to include a reminder.

It has been reborn as Top5!

Humor: Heaven and Hell In Europe

Heaven in Europe is where
    the English are the policemen
    the French are the cooks
    the Germans are the mechanics
    the Italians are the lovers
    and the Swiss organize everything

Hell in Europe is where
    the Germans are the policemen
    the English are the cooks
    the French are the mechanics
    the Swiss are the lovers
    and the Italians organize everything

(Yes, I’m half Swiss, but I’m also a quarter Irish: if an Irishman can’t punch it or drink it, he’s not interested in it)

Humor: We’re Number One

The Top 5 Indications a Supreme Court Justice Is Taking Bribes

One of my three submissions made No. 1; the other two didn’t make the list. Guess which one:.(answer at bottom of this item, or at the other end of the link above. No cheating!)

  1. Takes a private jet from the bench to the men’s room
  2. Refers to the White House as an adorable little cottage.
  3. Casts the swing vote in favor of reversing the estate tax, so it is paid by the government instead of to it.

I’ve had scores of No. 1s over the years, but I am still happy when I have another. Most of mine disappeared when the original site was dismantled and closed for a decade, but thanks to the Wayback Machine, and old PSACOT columns, I recovered a half-dozen of my No. 1s.

Also: a great poem by the late humorist George Carlin.