Schindler Music News: First Lie/Last Lie

(I am dropping the “More” and just making this a standing feature)

Since this song is on three of my albums (iTunes, Spotify), I am surprised I have never mentioned it in my column. It is the story of my first date with the woman who has been my wife for 43 years. First Lie/Last Lie.

While I’m at it, I spiffed up my YouTube presence. First Lie/Last Lie and All The Laughter are there as singles, and there is now a playlist of all my love songs

Right Column Redux: Schindler Jingle/Dream of a Lifetime

The column to the right on this blog contains permanent content, most of which has appeared at one time or another in the main body. I’ve decided to include a reminder.

Schindler Jingle/Dream of a Lifetime

Normally I don’t say much about these links, but since this one is just a recording…

I was jealous of my friends who had their names sung by the Johnny Mann singers because they were disc jockeys. Turns out you can have PAM sing your name, for a price. So I ordered one.

Sometimes in the car, I just play it on loop.

How often does someone have two dreams in a lifetime come true? My other dream was to get the music from Sam Patch, The Greatest Story Ever Told So Far, remixed with serious instrumentation and an overture added.

In Schindler Music News

A greatest hits compilation of all my love songs. No novelty tunes! The title is simply Love Songs: (You’ll love the cover)




Sam Patch Overture

This will only really make sense to the four people who read this blog and who have ever heard any part of Sam Patch, The Greatest Story Ever Told So Far. But if you enjoy great Broadway show overtures, you should  like this

Overture to the Musical Sam Patch

arranged by Jordan Grieg. The brisk fanfare that starts it literally brings tears to my eyes.


 This and That

On Sunday I sang my love song If Offered A Choice before several hundred people (and my wife and daughters) accompanied by the Danville Community Band. The video cuts out before the stirring ending and the brisk round of applause, but you'll get the idea.

Cool Art
I am beginning to think that I read all the notifications in LinkedIn so you don’t have to. In any case, super-cool stroboscopic art.

Bollards Ahoy
You ever wondered if bollards are effective?
[not a stealth edit] Thank you Robert Malchman for pointing out this was CGI.

Spider Humor

From Semi-Rad: I didn’t come here to f**k spiders.

Journalism Quote
The late Pete Hamill on celebrity journalism: “If the headlines scream about the living arrangements of the sitcom actress Ellen DeGeneres, what will they do if there is another Hiroshima?”